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I am quite familiar with the practice of balancing multiple projects, as this describes a normal day for me. The following lists some of my relevant experience and accomplishments.

Website Projects:

Aside from my own sites (such as the one you’re reading now), I have built websites for political campaigns and businesses. Each site is different, depending on the purpose and the intended audience. Some sites are developed with hand-written HTML and CSS, with bits of JavaScript to add functionality. Other sites are best formed on top of a content management system such as WordPress. And then some sites have a large amount of content and are best built with an advanced document authoring system like MadCap Flare.

Hand-Coded Example
My site TechWriter.Ninja was written using Adobe Brackets as my authoring tool and is based on the Foundation Framework.

WordPress Example
This site is built and hosted on WordPress using a theme that implements the Foundation framework to provide a fully responsive design.

MadCap Flare Example
In my previous documentation role at Rightside I designed and built a new website for the eNom API using MadCap Flare. The site featured the TopNav skin and heavily utilized Zurb’s Foundation Framework to provide support for responsive design.

Documentation Projects:

Rightside Registry

In my most recent position I produced all the customer-facing technical documentation for Rightside Registry using MadCap Flare. Customers commented that the registry’s documentation was the best of any Internet registry they’d seen: best visual design, easiest to read, and the clearest technical information.

NOTE:I was given permission upon leaving the company to use the following documents for portfolio purposes. Please note that Rightside Registry no longer exists as a separate company and these documents do not represent any current products or services. They should only be viewed as documents that are representative of my capabilities as a technical writer.

Windows Server IT Professional

I worked with the Windows Server documentation teams at Microsoft in a variety of roles as a contractor and an employee between 2000 and 2022. Projects I worked on included:

  • Microsoft Purview – Auditing and eDiscovery
  • Application Compatibility Toolkit
  • Windows Deployment Kits
  • Windows Storage Server
  • SharePoint Server

Book projects:

Windows 2000 Migration Study Guide
Sybex 2001 ISBN 0-7821-2768-1
by Todd A Phillips

Mastering Windows 2000 Professional
Sybex 2000 ISBN 0-7821-2448-8
by Mark Minasi and Todd Phillips

Mastering Windows NT Workstation 4
Sybex 1999 ISBN 0-7821-2491-7
by Mark Minasi and Todd Phillips


  • Certified MadCap Advanced Developer
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer+Internet
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (retired)
  • Certified Technical Trainer