I am quite familiar with the practice of balancing multiple projects, as this describes a normal day for me. The following lists some of my relevant experience and accomplishments.

Website Projects:

Aside from my own sites (such as the one you’re reading now), I have built websites for political campaigns and businesses. Each site is different, depending on the purpose and the intended audience. Some sites are developed with hand-written HTML and CSS, with bits of JavaScript to add functionality. Other sites are best formed on top of a content management system such as WordPress. And then some sites have a large amount of content and are best built with an advanced document authoring system like MadCap Flare.

Hand-Coded Example
My site TechWriter.Ninja was written using Adobe Brackets as my authoring tool and is based on the Foundation Framework

WordPress Example
I recently finished building the campaign for former Washington State Rep. Elizabeth Scott’s campaign for Washington State Senate. For this site, I used the Foundation coding skills I developed with MadCap Flare to modify the WordPress theme to enhance the responsiveness of the site.

MadCap Flare Example
In my previous documentation role at Rightside I designed and built a new website for the eNom API using MadCap Flare. The site featured the TopNav skin and heavily utilized Zurb’s Foundation Framework to provide support for responsive design.

Documentation Projects:

Rightside Registry

In my most recent position I produced all of the customer-facing technical documentation for Rightside Registry using MadCap Flare. Customers commented that the registry’s documentation was the best of any Internet registry they’d seen: best visual design, easiest to read, and the clearest technical information.

Windows Server IT Professional

I worked with the Windows Server documentation teams at Microsoft in a variety of roles as a contractor and an employee between 2000 and 2013. Projects I worked on included:

  • Application Compatibility Toolkit
  • Windows Deployment Kits
  • Windows Storage Server
  • SharePoint Server

I worked in the IT Professional documentation team, and also on internal deployment guides for SharePoint Online.

Book projects:

Windows 2000 Migration Study Guide
Sybex 2001 ISBN 0-7821-2768-1
by Todd A Phillips

Mastering Windows 2000 Professional
Sybex 2000 ISBN 0-7821-2448-8
by Mark Minasi and Todd Phillips

Mastering Windows NT Workstation 4
Sybex 1999 ISBN 0-7821-2491-7
by Mark Minasi and Todd Phillips


  • Certified MadCap Advanced Developer
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer+Internet
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (retired)
  • Certified Technical Trainer